Tiramisu Disaster

My first try on making a Tiramisu. I won’t say bake cos there isn’t a need for the oven, how to assemble it neatly will be the skill require.

I could not forget my latest bite on a slice of Tiramisu @ Coffee Club. So after getting a bottle of Baileys from a kind friend, I’m set to begin.

If you are wondering why I call this try a “Tiramisu Disaster”, simply becos it’s the first time I make such a big mess of the kitchen. I took a longer preparation time than usual, I have cocoa powder on the floor, on the table, I have cream here and there and u shld see the amount of utensils I end up washing. I learnt you need to be very systematic and must plan before begin or you will end up like me, dunno what to do.

To assemble it neatly is another trick or skill. You could see I din do a good job on the cream part, I din beat the whipping cream to medium stiff so it isn’t smooth. I din have the right tools, ideally should be using a baseless cake ring but I din want to buy one cos I’m not sure if it’s just a one-off kind thingy. In the end I use a tall plastic container with cling wrap and when it’s set, I lift the whole thing up. Then I leave the cake on the plastic lid using the “container” portion as the cover = inverted.

Sis regret din bring a bigger slice of cake back and after 24 hrs of refrigeration, I’ve to say the cake is yummy and worth all the work or mess (for my case) :P. Once I gotten another pack of sponge fingers, I will try again but definitely not for my consumption, it’ll be for dearest office colleagues aka guinea pigs. Wait … dun think I’m that bad, wat I have bring back is definitely edible!


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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2 Responses to Tiramisu Disaster

  1. wingigi says:


    can u share the recipe?? cos I did mine wif masala wine soaked in coffee seeds…=D wanna try making it wif bailey =D

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