About butter

Just prepared the tapioca flour, too lazy to fry it over the wok so add in a few pandan leaves and I put it into the microwave oven at high for 2 mins. The purpose is to “dry” the flour.

I just did a check on my baking supplies, some of them are going to expire soon so I better hurry up to use them. I once wonder if I shld start stock-taking what I buy cos at times they are conveniently forgotten till they expire. Other than the colorful quinns, chocolate rice, stacks of paper cups, aluminium trays, I have 2 bottles of vanilla essence, 2 bottles of baking powder and … 9 blocks of Lurpak butter. 2 blocks of Golden Churn butter and 2 blocks of cream cheese! I have read good reviews on Lurpak butter and they aren’t cheap @ S$3.10 so recently when NTUC offer 3 blocks @ S$6.95, you could imagine many of us grab. Golden Churn is another brand that has got good reviews and isn’t flaky when it is cut (this happen if you use SCS) so I got another 2 blocks today when it’s on offer @ S$2.30. I used to use GoldenTree (which Phoon Huat carries) but it just doesn’t have that butter smell. Of course there are more afforable butters around like Buttercup which is @ S$1.50 a block or Greenfields (also available at Phoon Huat) at S$1.55. Personally I dun want to compromise the quality of bakes whenever I can.

 The kueh bangkit baking start tomorrow …

About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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