Kueh Lapis


Pardon me for the uneven layers 😛

I have been hesitating baking Kueh Lapis as I heard it’s very difficult, very tedious and the ingredients sound complicating too. Someone in the forum I frequent generously share her recipe and a check on my baking pantry this morning show that I’ve everything I need, including the Lapis powder!

Went a little slow and make sure I measured all the ingredients first, read the recipe over and over again. My phobia is beating egg whites or whipping cream, I have not manage to beat till stiff peak. All went well, I manage to beat the egg white till soft stiff, the egg white din came falling down when I overturn it 😛 I suspect I shld have whipped it even further. The baking process went a little haywire once I start putting it into the oven. I’m not sure if I shld grill or bake the 1st layer so I end up doing both, adding the next layer was quite “exciting” cos of the heat from the 1st layer you could see the batter melting and it’s not easy to spread the layer thinly and evenly then quickly put it back to the oven. As I did half of the recipe, I only have 4 layers to do and I uses a round pan as I din have a proper baking pan. I started at 12pm and end everything by 1.30pm, probably one of the quickest Kueh Lapis session!

Not sure if it’s the recipe or my preparation method, this Kueh Lapis has a more cakey texture which I personally like. The Lapis powder quantity is also just nice which I din really measure and add in to wat I think it’s right. Verdict? I like it! I don’t really like outside selling Kueh Lapis cos the spices taste is something too strong and the texture is quite hard, some are like pound cake texture whilst this one has a little spongy texture.

There are 2 baking process here – grill and bake. Grill is to have the top layer brown and bake is the last step is to cook the whole cake!

I cheated in the picture cos I cut the cake into half and stack them together! Okay, the process isn’t as scary as I thought it will be, you need time and plenty of patience.

Will be more ready to try again when the CNY season is closer! But before that, I need to get loaf pan!


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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