– I gotten some fresh blueberries last night and attempt to make some blueberries muffin, dun really like the recipe I tried, it’s a little dry and not fluffy. Spend 45 mins from preparation to baking, should work a little more faster too. Admire those who can bake after one day work, I was dead tired by the time I reach home 8.30pm every night.

– As I only bake only on weekends, it’s always exciting to think what to bake. Should it be the Pandan Fudge Cake or Egg Tarts? Mum have been waiting for these egg tarts for ages!

– Colleague told me they miss the Cocoa Brownies! Was planning to bake it tonight but came home late and decided to hold it till a colleague’s birthday next week!

– Went to a bakery supply warehouse today! I say that’s our version of “Toys’R’US” 🙂 The muffin and cupcakes cases are just so pretty, I wish I could buy more if not for the minimum quantity they have, ain’t that many just like the usual qty PH carry but I probably won’t bake 1000 muffins in this few years. I have always wanted to buy the Strawberry print muffin case but knowing how many more cupcake cases I’ve at home, I always put them back to the shelf, this warehouse sell them a few dollars cheaper than PH and I tell myself I must buy it! My colleague was so attracted by my purchase that she took over the cookies bag, small cupcake case, 1/3 of the strawberry print pleated muffin case from me!


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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    where is this place?

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