Donut factory

Donut Factory

Donut Factory

Donut Factory

Have read how good these donuts are but everytime I pass by, there is always a long queue. So with some time on hand this afternoon and prepared to queue, I readily join the crowd. And thinking it should not be too crowded in the afternoon, I was wrong! You may not want to know how long I waited 😛 As the queue breaks into the other side of the mall (so not to block walking area), the queue near the stall is short and many would happily join this queue and it’s an unsaid understanding that the last person would tell those who join that the queue begins right at the end, most of them would be disappointed and walk away cos it’s way too long. By the time I left the place at 6.30pm, they’ve already stop pple from queuing. It isn’t that they din manage to produce the donuts fast enough but the service staff wasn’t quick enough to pack, probably they’re tired from the endless stream of pple.

So with a pair of aching legs and hands cos I also went to the Body Shop Warehouse Sale and laptop on one shoulder, I lugged 2 boxes of donuts home.

I tried the Double Chocolate with chocolate filling, indeed the donuts are soft and it’s yummy. It’s definitely one that you want to take another bite again but it’s too sweet for me, to think that I’ve a sweet tooth. They are the best I’ve tried so far in Singapore, thou can’t beat Mister Donut in Taipei becos the sweetness is just nice. I probably wouldn’t spend that time to queue for it again. Was telling sis that I probably have finish baking some, savour it with the amount of time I spend there!

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The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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