Kitchen Aid or Kenwood?

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I’ve been contemplating whether to get a better mixer cos the current one I’m using which is a Philip stand mixer has been with us for 20 years! Of course we weren’t using it that frequent but it’s definitely showing signs of slowing down and the motor get real hot after whipping egg white to stiff peak stage, in fact the tip of the metal beater (near to the motor) is so hot for holding that I’ve to use a cloth to hold it before I can remove. So I’ve always give a 2nd thought to a recipe when it calls for creaming, whipping cream or egg whites.

Kitchen Aid is definitely one baker’s dream machine, I just love the pink!

Well, Kenwood recently launches a new entry level stand mixer Kenwood Prospero Mixer – KM260 at a more affordable price of S$368 (additional $60 off if you buy before Aug 31). It’s half the price of a KA. I couldn’t find any reviews on this and it’s just so tough to make such decisions! I couldn’t decide if I shld get this or the KA.

Differences between the 2
1. KA has 10 speed whilst Kenwood has 5 speed
2. KA is 325 watts and Kenwood is 600 watts thou I dunno if this is a fair comparison.
3. Similar capacity of 4.3L bowl size.
4. Comes with same set of accessories – flat beater, whisk and dough hook but KA accessories e.g. dough hook look more sturdy and the material is also “thicker”.
5. Kenwood is capable of beating up to 8 egg whites, not sure about KA.
6. Kenwood has an additional blender attachment.
7. I’ve not seen how the KA flat beater works but I saw the Kenwood flat beater moves in a 15 degrees rotation meaning the batter on the sides (even those being push up higher to the wall) is taken care of.
8. Acceptable noise level

I went for the demo the other day …
1. They were preparing cupcakes batter with a 250g butter, no problem with that amount moreover I seldom prepare that huge amount.
2. They fold in the flour using the lowest speed which is what I hope, dump all in and leave the machine to do everything – I know what a lazy baker I am 😛
3. The cupcakes were baked and serve after the demo, it’s so fluffy! I believe it have to do a lot with the creaming time, I’m going to try that recipe and see if I got the same result!

Anyway, this little popular machine is out of stock at several electrical shops. Even on the 1st day of the demo, they are left with only 5 pcs. I believe a lot of pple is grabbing this opportunity!

 Argh … how? KA or Kenwood?


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10 Responses to Kitchen Aid or Kenwood?

  1. Pablo says:

    I also dreamt of having a KA but I thought I should not invest on a machine that first af all I am not going to use that much. I am not a professional cook, but I love cooking. By accident I found Kenwood Propero and just liked the size, color and shape of it. It is true, it is not a KA with its old fashioned look but does what it is meant to do. I bought it and the first day I made a chocolate mousse. It was delicious!!! the consistency of the meringe was wonderful. Then I prepared an apple spice cake and was also a success. The paddle and speed worked smoothly, the noise was fine, nothing to complain about. My last test was bread. I made an olive bread that was also fantastic, the doug was soft and fluffy and the result was a delicious and enormous bread. All these recipes I already prepared the traditional way, and I can tell you that you notice the difference. Obviously with the stand mixer it is much much better. So, I can tell you that Kennwood is a very good alternative at a convenient and affordable price.

  2. Elyn says:

    Hi Pablo,

    Shared the same sentiments with you. It’s more of a hobby and considering the number of times I’m going to use the machine, I opt for Kenwood too!

  3. Kelsea says:

    Hello there,
    may i know some places/shops that sells Kenwood Mixer? 😀 Thanks in advanced!

  4. Elyn says:

    Hi Kelsea, it’s available at Courts, Tangs, Best Denki.

  5. Kelsea says:

    Hi Elyn,
    thanks for the reply!
    Hope i can get one soon! 😀
    Is there any specified brand of Kenwood Mixer that’s good? And around how much is it?

  6. Elyn says:

    Mine is the Kenwood Patisser, I got it from Tangs for S$400 plus. It will very much depend on your need, do u need to knead bread? if it is then you will need to get the higher end series 🙂

  7. Actually the KA has 5 speeds.. it goes from 2-4-6-8-10. It doesn’t have the speed in odd numbers.

    I got the red KA for Christmas but have not tried it yet.. I do not want to use it yet :).. looks so pretty and new.. haha

  8. David Varley says:

    Kitchen Aid. Lovely design but mine badly constructed.

    Maximum 1 2Lb loaf per week (average much less) plus 1 Chistmas cake per year.

    Within Guarantee intermediate gearwheel stripped. In discovering this found many bolts left untightened.

    New gear supplied under guarantee (no problem with delivery of this part – ?). Workmanship quality of gear poor – teeth sharp and roots undercut to inconsistant depth.

    It has now failed again in about same time frame.

    Note also. Mechanical governor speed control – perfectly good but indicative of old design. I wonder if the old fashioned workmanship required of an older design remains available?.

    I am thinking of going for the Kenwood KMIX any comments?

  9. parisa says:

    I need a stand mixer .may I now some places that sells kenwood mixer in Iran.please help me.thanks.

  10. Elyn says:

    Hi Parisa, sorry not sure where you could buy the Kenwood Mixer in Iran as I’m residing in Singapore.

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