Happy Children’s Day!

Have been wanting to try out the vanilla cupcake recipe I gotten from one of the class I went and today is the perfect excuse to make lots of it – for my nephew to bring back to school! There are several variations of cupcakes, I realise most of them are kinda dense and taste much like a butter/pound cake. This recipe is different, it’s light and fluffy so it does not taste heavy even if you eat it together with buttercream. Due to the type of flour used in this cake, I leave the mixer to do everything right till adding the flour in, how I love that! Did half a batch with chocolate chips and some with the popular Nutella Swirl. Somehow the tray of eggs I gotten today has a darker egg yolk so the cupcakes are a little too yellowish for my liking.

Would love to frost some but I’m too lazy to whip up buttercream. I need to practise more on cupcake decor 🙂 Keeping them is always a headache thou they could keep well in fridge and left to thaw for half an hour before eating BUT I’m sure you dun want to load the kiddos with so much sugar?! Well, that is not the reason not to whip up buttercream to practise on frosting cupcakes, right? I will do it – one day!

Pardon me for the ugly roses and bad photography 😦 Something is wrong with the color and probably the rose is too small (about a fingernail size) that the camera cannot capture the details, I need more time to know my “fren” better cos she has more settings now.

I always admire bakers who can craft out roses, figurines and many others with their nimble fingers. I have to admit that I do not hv that kinda of creativity nor the nimble fingers. I din want to make the sugar craft from scratch *lazy* nor do I want to spend money on a big block of mazipan which I dunno what to do with it afterthat.  So I remember PH has this box of fondant kept in the fridge, just a few dollars and perfectly suit my need. I didn’t read up on how to use the fondant but vividly remember to dust with icing sugar. Brought the box out from the fridge, leave it a while and with my warm fingers (My hands are warmer than the others so imagine while others are freezing during the winter, my hands are still warm!) the fondant is a rather pliable “dough” ready to use. Added a little red Wilton coloring and knead in till blended. Started with doing the petals then joining them at the end, this is my 4th roses before I think it’s better. It’s just like PlayDoh … my nephew was playing with that while I work on the fondant in the kitchen. To think that I never touch PlayDoh cos I dun like the wierd smell that come with it and I’m not good at moulding.

It’s indeed quite fun and rather therpeutic cos of the detailed work involved BUT it’s definitely not for eating – imagine after pinching, flattening with the fingers! I din taste it but it does not smell good either! So they’re just good to look at but not good enough to eat!


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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9 Responses to Happy Children’s Day!

  1. Aimei says:

    Hi Elyn

    Beautiful muffins and nice figurine u have! I also saw the fondant at phoon huat and thought of trying. Besides the one from the fridge, i also saw another type which is ready-to-use fondant. Wondering what is the difference. For the colouring, do we really need to use those from Wilton? Can we use those normal essence colouring?

  2. ovenhaven says:

    You’re apologising for lovely roses? Don’t! I think they look very pretty. Can’t wait to see what more you can come up with 🙂

  3. Elyn says:

    Hi Aimei, thanks for dropping by. The ready-to-use that you mention is from Wilton which is considerably more ex. I’m not sure abt the difference but since I buy it just for fun so I get the more economical one. Wilton’s coloring is more of a paste but the normal essence coloring is watery which may ruin the fondant? Sorry, I’m not too sure cos this is my first time using fondant too.

  4. Elyn says:

    Hi Ovenhaven, thanks for your kind words. Will look forward to do some other things.

  5. Ida says:

    oh… fondant! sure looks fun!

    btw, beautiful roses. 🙂

  6. adeline says:

    hi maybe i can just answer aimei’s question, if you don’t mind. there are two kinds of fondant available in phoon huat. the one you see in the fridge is pouring fondant, where you melt it and pour it onto cakes. the wilton one is for you to mould it into shapes. hope that helps.

  7. Reena says:

    I think the roses look great!

  8. Small cookie says:

    wow cool man. Now you must teach me to make those roses. I had such a bad time trying to mould these babies two days ago that I gave up. giving me too much stress.

  9. Elyn says:

    Thanks Reena!

    Edith … you’re much better than me anytime to make these babies, just look at the cars, figurines that you have them on your cupcakes!

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