Crème Pâtissière Puff

I attempted the same recipe some time back but failed miserably and I blame the oven for it (that’s the old oven). Remembering the yummy cream puff I saw at Beard Papa yesterday, I decide that will be on my to-do list today!

The first time I try, the batter is too runny to be pipe and I knew it’s going to fail, I still baked some and they are alright but they look like UFO instead. I looked thru the recipe again and I realise what went wrong! It’s the cup measurement, I forgot that it’s a US measuring so there is a difference of almost 20-30g of flour. Tried the second time and it works perfectly! It’s like a paste which I can pipe.

I call them the happy family, all in different sizes!

I remember the other time I tried making some and I pipe them too big which came out to be giant puff so this time I pipe them smaller and guess what? They din rise as much as I thought it will be, they end up like profiteroles! They’re actually good enuf to eat it on it’s own so before I could fill them up with Crème Pâtissière, a couple of them are gone! There isn’t any sugar added to the choux but I thought it will taste better if a little sugar is added.

I gotten a punnet of very nice, ripe strawberries yesterday! So I cut away the top, filled it with Crème Pâtissière and top with halved strawberries, dusted with icing sugar.

Instead of slicing in between (just like what we are taught during Home Economics lesson), I use an icing tip to fill the puff with Crème Pâtissière from the bottom. It’s actually quite funny cos you could feel the puff filling up and getting heavier. I took a long time to decide what I want to fill it in, should it be just whipped cream or to go through the whole process of preparing the cream. I got a Taiwan recipe book sometime back and it’s solely on choux pastry, you will be surprise the variations and how pretty they did it! Anyway, I adapted the crème pâtissière from there. It’s creamy, somehow like the Beard Papa type but taste heavier, it taste well when it’s cold. I saw some recipes that add in whipping cream? Is it to make it “lighter”?

Anyway, I am definitely happy with these today!

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The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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12 Responses to Crème Pâtissière Puff

  1. ida says:

    pretty looking puffs! and i can imagine how good it taste chilled. yum yum…

  2. caroline says:

    wow-so delicious! Looking at your puffs makes my mouth drooling..

  3. tweetybird says:

    oh mine, Elyn! They look beautiful and enticing!

    Throw some over here.. kekeke

  4. Small cookie says:

    I have been pondering this cup measurement for a long time but couldn’t find the right revenue to ask. So 1 cup is = to how many gm exactly?

    BTW, your puff looks really good. Tempting me to try again after my horrible failure the last time.

  5. sock says:

    hello! will like to know what camera you’re using right now? nice pictures there 🙂

  6. Yan says:

    gorgeous looking creme puffs… yums..=D

  7. Oh this are so lovely!!! I am sure they taste yummy, just like beard papa?

  8. Elyn says:

    Ida, Caroline, tweetybird and Yan, thanks very much for your kind words. I’ve posted the recipe so do give it a try!

    Hi Edith, 1 cup is 155g. The puffs isn’t difficult and I have fun piping them. I thought it’s the preparation of the filling that it’s troublesome.

    Hi Sock, I’m using a Canon Powershot A570 camera. Thanks for your compliments!

    Hi SH, I feel beard papa’s puff skin is a little thinner and the cream mixture is lighter but I’m happy with them and so are my colleagues. I’ve posted the recipe so do give it a try!

  9. ^cherie says:

    Oh elyn, the second pic is goorrrrgeous!

  10. delia says:

    Hi Elyn,
    Gorgeous puffs!! I’m definitely going to make some this weekend using your recipe. I’ve tried making cream puffs a few days ago but failed miserably. My batter was too runny to be pipe.

  11. Elyn says:

    Hi Cherie, thanks for your kind words!

    Hi Delia, you’re welcome to try the recipe, hope everything goes well!

  12. Lisa says:

    Hi … i love your choux and the other cake !!!
    Bye Lisa

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