More Christmas Decorated Cookies

Finally a more decent looking Christmas Cookie, right? I like this cookie cutter shape and I din want the cookie to go without wearing any “clothes” so I call this a “beach wear”! I would have prefer the lines to be  thicker so the next time I’m going to do it I will use a bigger tip. I used to think that a tip isn’t necessary when you do lines becos there is no pattern involved. I tried both method today and working without a tip is no-no, basically there is no control when you pipe out and the icing could go haywire – at least that’s what beginners like me would face.


This is one of my favourite. The cookie isn’t big and I happily selected the smallest silver dragees which is 1/3 size of a rice grain, then I realise it’s difficult to put it on the icing without the right tool. Nevertheless the effort is worth it, I thought it’s quite simple and quite pretty 🙂

Another version of the Christmas tree but I din do a good job on the star right on top of the tree.


Finally – a fully frost cookie! my favourite cookie cutter shape – snowflake in white and sprinkles in green.

A Christmas Sock!

This photoshoot is done with the cookie bag hang on the wall with the silver ribbon. I like that the cookie will not crush with one another! I thought this look very presentable, imagine hanging that on the X’mas tree? 🙂


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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9 Responses to More Christmas Decorated Cookies

  1. Ida says:

    yay! x’mas is coming!

  2. Small cookie says:

    Do I get one too? *wink*

  3. So beautiful! You are really good!

  4. Cecily says:

    Oh …Elyn …I saw all those cookie cutters …. I love them all ….. now how to chose har LOL

  5. Chris says:

    The christmas sock is nice. Where did you buy this type of plastic bags?

  6. Yola says:


    Very beautiful cookies, love it!! but your is unaccesable leh…

  7. Elyn says:

    Hi Sweet-tooth, Ida, Cecily and Yola, thanks for your kind words! I’m sure you gals could whip up something better than me!

    Hi Edith, I shld hv ask u this question instead – do I get one of your pretty cupcakes too? hehehe

    Hi Cecily, I always tell my customer to choose design that they have an idea how to decorate and they think they will use it most frequently!

  8. These cookies put me in such a festive mood, which is not good seeing how my exams are in a couple of days’ time.

    I especially love the snowflake one 🙂

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