Lost and Found

I have very fond memories of this dessert. It was first introduce by my late grandma and for someone who has a sweet-tooth, this is THE dessert. I will always feel very happy whenever I know that she have prepare the dessert and chill in the fridge when I get back from school.

Steamed Egg or most commonly call “Dun Dan”, is found in Hong Kong dessert store. It’s not a complicating dessert, what makes up this is simply sugar, water, egg and milk. After she left us, we have not been able to replicate this. I have been wanting to find the recipe to it but after trying a few, they taste pretty diluted which isn’t what I want. I gave it another try today, measuring the proportion so I could tweak and YES! it is what I want! I remember my grandma did not add in milk in her version so it has a more solidfy texture and not as fine. For this, I added some milk so the texture is silky smooth and does not have an eggy taste. Despite straining the mixture, I did not achieve a smooth top for the custard, probably it’s the steaming?

This remain my favourite dessert till now and whenever I have this, I will always think of her.

You need :
1 egg
110ml sugar water
20ml milk

To do :
1. Boil water and rock sugar together, sweetness to your own liking and set aside to cool completely before using.
2. Whisk egg well, make sure no egg white strains.
3. Mix egg together with sugar water and milk together.
4. Strain mixture before pouring into remekins for steaming.
5. Steam at high for 20 mins.
6. Chill in fridge.


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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10 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. lauren says:


    I just came by your website via wefeelfine.org

    Did not think that it would really work, I clicked on one of the little dancing circles as you wrote a happy comment and it was amazing to then read about your emotions to the dun dun tarts, as I think the same too…they are so yummy, except I never had my grandma make them.

    Great picture!

  2. delia says:

    Hi Elyn,
    Looks delicious. Will you be sharing the recipe?

  3. Ida says:

    Well, my mom always said she had to lift the cover once a while to prevent the heat from building up too much while steaming eggs. it’ll result having as rough surface.

    another method will be to use boiled water.

    try and feedback yah? *wink*

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi Elyn. I love this dessert too. I can never have enough of this and egg tarts in Hong Kong. Just wondering, did you use water straight from the tap for making this dessert? Was taught by my grandma to always use boiled & cooled water when making steamed egg. Must also ensure the sugar is properly dissolved (I used sugar syrup instead).

  5. wendy says:

    i love dun dan as well 😀
    my way of making this is using condensed milk to get sweet and milky/smooth texture. I add hot water to condensed milk, mix to dissolve and then add in the whisked eggs.
    and yeah, lifting the lid helps as well. i think you can also cover the bowl with cling film/foil during steaming 🙂

  6. Elyn says:

    Hi Lauren, thanks for dropping by and wat a way to get link here 🙂 It’s an interesting website, will drop by to take a look.

    Hi Delia, thot nobody will be interested in the recipe so din post it up :P. Have already update, let me know if you try.

    Hey Ida, lifting the cover make sense! I will give it a try but probably not this week, cannot eat so many eggs every week ah. The water is already boiling when I add in the custard, not sure if I can use cover with aluminium foil and poke holes on it??

    Hi Rebecca, I boiled water and rock sugar and leave it to cool before adding in the egg/milk combination.

    Hi Wendy, have not thot of using condensed milk! will give it a try and I think it’s more convenient?

  7. reena says:

    When I steam eggs, I always use small fire. The texture is always silky smooth. You may want to give it a try 😉

  8. Elyn says:

    Hi Reena, thanks for the tips! Will give it a try 🙂

  9. delia says:

    Hi Elyn,
    Made this last weekend. To me, it was nice but hubby doesn’t like the smell, he said smell of egg very strong. I double the recipe and get 4 ramekins. My 2nd dd had 2 helpings while my eldest dd had one and myself had one. My youngest dd also don’t like. My 2nd dd asks me to make it again.

  10. Elyn says:

    Hi Delia, some pple don’t like the eggy taste, have u tried adding some vanilla essence? But that will sound like a chinese + western combination?

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