All is not lost …

I literally lost a whole day as I wasn’t able to do much work, the lappy was sent for diagnostics and is now certify with a faulty system board. I dunno when it will decide to show me her “black face or blue screen” to me so please give me some time to sort things out. I felt so handicap the whole day, unable to do work and that’s how dependent humans are on gadget/technology, so much so that we have not taken the time off to appreciate other things around. While I work on the lappy in the evening, I usually have the TV on but if you ask me what is really showing, I probably could only tell you 50% of it? Trying to do too many things at a time is what most of us usually do and by doing so, we’ve miss enjoying the process. I enjoy the process of baking cos it actually keep me at a slower pace, teaches me to do things one at a time, there is no way I could take shortcut or do too many things at a go. I can’t be beating egg yolk/sugar combination while I beat egg whites at the same time.

I was actually visualising what if I dun hv the computer to use and what I will be doing, I probably could read up the baking books thoroughly I have bought and by that time there is really no way for me to refer to the web for recipes *LOL*

On another note, I lost all my emails and website bookmarks too! Emails that are downloaded to the lappy are all gone, I’m kinda glad that I did not select to delete the email copy from the server but it is really limited what is left. So if you’ve sent me an email, please resend them again. All those website bookmarks are also gone, I seriously cannot remember what I actually have cos have been taking them for granted and assume they will be there and did not make an effort. At least my dear photos and recipes are still around, I back up them in an external harddisk. Well, I dun think it’s too bad to start things afresh again. I’ve had too many website bookmarks that I probably did not visit them for half a year?

So have you backup your information?

About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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