Finally a square loaf!

Bread making is sure time consuming and if you are rushing for the day, I think it’s better to do something else. I had a failed attempt yesterday cos I start like 3 plus in the afternoon and wasn’t too careful with the weight of the ingredients, I also think the yeast could be dead cos it’s an open packet so the dough din rise at all. I was trying out a new recipe to do a pullman loaf and plan to use the overnight bread to do bread pudding today since the new dish plate that I bought is oven-safe. Well, well … I decide to give another attempt today, pulling out the trusted Hokkaido Milky Loaf. But Mr Sun decided to take a rest and I had to resort to use my oven for proofing which I set to 40° for 10 mins and use the remaining temperature inside the oven to do the rest of the proofing. I did the hole check and it’s ready after 20 mins. Actually in the book, it was mentioned the ideal temperature for the first proofing is between 28° to 30° while the 2nd proofing should be from 32° to 38°, I guess in future I could still set the oven to 40° but will open the oven door for a quick one and allow the temperature to drop back to 32° to 38°.

I use the breadmaker to do the basic knead which is 20 mins, restart the machine to knead for another 10 mins and hand knead for 10 mins (after watching the DVD and remembering how it should be :P) I’m really happy that the dough actually pass the window pane test! And I think this is the first time I manage to!

I went all the way to ship this book from Taiwan, I first knew about 孟老師 from some cable tv program that she taught cakes/desserts. And for this book I like that it came together with a 3 hr DVD that taught about Breadmaking, the machine knead, hand knead steps, how to tell if the dough is ready for proofing etc, it really help to see these visually, in movement. In addition, it also show you the variation of bread shaping. Well, I’ve not complete the DVD as I’ve been catching here and there a bit. This book is comprehensive and together with the DVD, I think this is really a good buy.

A pullman loaf tin have always been on my shopping list but I’ve put it off again and again as I thought I will be happy wif just using the breadmaker to make bread. But I want a square loaf! The type that is selling off the shelves. I finally got one but only realise it’s way too big when I reach home, at least it fit my oven but it’s a 900g bread which I thought it’s too much. I am always very careful when I buy baking tins/trays for the oven cos it rotates during baking so I can’t really take a direct measurement and fit in. In any case, I exchange for a smaller one in the end 🙂

The verdict? I din have to do with the thick crust that appear when I used a breadmaker. The crust is so thin and soft that it’s negligible, the bread is still as fluffy that even my fussy little dog who dun eat white bread or bread crust chomp down without much thought. Everyone in the family loves the bread and said it’s the best I’ve done so far!

 This is the texture. Soft and fluffy!

And the kitchen is close for this week!

Hokkaido Milky Loaf
The original recipe is here but I always halve the recipe and I get a 600g dough.

270g Bread Flour
30g Cake Flour
5g yeast
15g milk powder
40g sugar
4g salt
1/2 egg
125ml milk
75ml whipping cream

For the breadmaker method, put all liquid ingredients at the bottom of the pan, followed by the dry ones and the yeast at last.

For LG Solardom oven, I bake at 180 degrees for 25 mins.


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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17 Responses to Finally a square loaf!

  1. Elyn, your bread is awesome! I agree with you, the crust is very thin when the bread is baked in a pullman tin.

  2. Small cookie says:

    Elyn, so which size you used? I am still having trouble with mine. I think mine is too small!!!

  3. ovenhaven says:

    Your bread looks beautiful! You totally captured its texture through the photos.

  4. Suk Yen says:

    Nice square loaf.. Maybe I know what are the dimensions? I got a pullman loaf tin from Phoon Huat last week.. It says 400gm on its label.. Does it mean 400gm of flour or 400gm dough? I could not fill it up using a 500gm dough..

  5. Aimei says:

    Its marvellous! Your bread’s so soft and fine! 🙂

  6. rebecca says:

    Elyn, your bread looks so yummylicious! I’m really into bread but have never bake any after my failed attempt of hot dog buns during my teens. If there’s any possibility of you conducting a class on bread-making, please let me know 🙂

  7. That loaf of bread looks really good! I can imagine sinking my teeth into that soft, fluffy texture 😀

  8. Ireneyonal says:

    Your bread looks very impressive. I want to try out too.. But where can I get the pullman tin?? The one selling at Phoon Huat is not of full square shape lei 😦

  9. reena says:

    Oh… you are tempting me with your loaf tin! Nice bread!

  10. Bernice says:

    Nice bread! My bread maker produce pretty squarish bread but I prefer those tall and round top looking bread. Guess I should also get a loaf tin! 😛

  11. Elyn says:

    Hi HBB, thanks! I’m very happy wif this loaf, probably will try to bake loaves using this tin 🙂

    Hi Edith, my tin is actually quite small but I thot since the bread should be consume within 2-3 days so it’s better to get a small one. If yours is small then you may want to adjust the dough proportion so it will fit in?

    Hi Ovenhaven, thanks for your kind words. I just hv a lucky photoshoot day.

  12. Elyn says:

    Hi Suk Yen, I think it should refer to 400g dough and I read that how you calculate that is to add up all your ingredients and you will know the weight of the dough. You may want to try this recipe cos it yields a 600g dough and see if it fills up? Actually I am wondering if the proportion of the ingredients is too much for the tin I have and did not leave enough space for the dough to double so I’m going to try a 500g dough the next time.

  13. Elyn says:

    Hi Aimei, thank you 🙂 The bread remains soft even after the 3rd day!

    Hi Rebecca, hm … I am not qualified to conduct bread-making class, still learning and picking up along the way. I would say start with a breadmaker first!

  14. Elyn says:

    Hi thecoffeesnob, this is very reliable recipe and I’ve not had any failed attempt so do give this a try 🙂

    Hi Ireneyonal, thanks for dropping by 🙂 I got my tin from Sun Lik!

    Hi Reena, hm … buy buy buy! It’s worth it after seeing the bread turn out so square and nice!

    Hi Bernice, yes I know which type of bread you’re looking at, I thot they look as good too!

  15. Suk Yen says:

    Hi Elyn,
    Haiyah, my loaf tin is from PH and it has tapered sides.. I managed to filled it up using a recipe with 375gm of flour.. very happy with it.. I sliced it and froze it.. And just had my breakfast of ham and cheese sandwich with 2 slices of the bread.. I have realised that I have not bought any bread or cake for breakfast since I started baking and baking.. haha..

  16. You Fei says:

    Hi Elyn!

    I’ve tried making a hokkaido mily loaf today too, but using the recipe from happyhomebaker (HHB).

    Was just wondering if I have to cover the tin with the lid while baking as I’ve read somewhere to cover it while baking and to bake it without the lid for the last 5 min.

    Anyway, mine didn’t become a square =( Was thinking if I did not proof it long enough for the second rise. (I proofed it for around 45 min) It looked like it reach around 80% of the tin that’s why i went ahead with the baking.

    Nevertheless, the bread turned out soft and fluffy =) I loved it, though my sis thinks it’s a little too milky for her liking. I told her, it’s a MILK loaf, what do you expect. =pp

    Just fascinated as to how you managed to get a square..

  17. Elyn says:

    Hi You Fei, when you cover the tin with lid, you would be able to get a square loaf. If you don’t, the you get a round hump shape of the bread. I’ve never remove the lid till it is fully bake, I actually use the lid to gauge if it’s bake, I read that if you can’t remove the lid that means the bread is not ready. Of course, the other way to check is to tap the bread to hear the hollow sound.

    How big is your tin size? You could add up all ingredients weight and get the total weight so you will roughly know if it will fill the tin size. By right if you proof to 80%, it should fill up the tin. There a lot of contributing factors about bread not rising, yeast, proofing temperature.

    Yes, this loaf tend to give a more milky texture, I’ve another recipe on my blog which has no milk inside but used a longer proofing technique, the texture is actually softer than this. Do give it a try.

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