Homemade Pizza

I never thought I will make pizza at home, at least not from scratch. All thanks to Happy Home Baking for her post, which start me thinking of the attempt. I do have everything that is needed for the dough, and I pick up the rest during my grocery shopping yesterday. I enjoy strolling down the supermarket aisle with the shopping trolley and I could spend hours there checking out the different food there from canned food, to sauce to instant noodles. 

Back to the pizza, looking at the number of ingredients involved, I thought I shall hand knead this round and it wasn’t difficult to combine the ingredients into a dough. I actually enjoy the kneading process very much but I suspect I have not really do it the right way by using the body strength instead of just the arm power. So there I am knead .. knead .. knead, I was a little worried when I don’t see the dough having a smooth surface but after after sometime, it did turn into a beautiful dough. Seeing this is so satisfying, all is worth it and this dough texture is really easy to manage, it does not stick at all. It took more than an hour to proof somehow.

This is the dough after proofing, taking a 10 mins rest before rolling out flat.

Adding a layer of pizza sauce. I like to get nephew involve in the preparation process so he is the one who put on the sauce, added the cheese, ham and mushroom!

I din know if it will be a successful attempt so I use the basic ingredients like button mushroom, honey baked ham and mozeralla cheese. This recipe is definitely a keeper, I’m happy with the crust 🙂 No complaints for a homemade pizza!


Aside from pizza, I prepared some pasta for little nephew too! So why is he eating this pasta? All becos the pasta is in cute animal shape! There is the tortoise shape which is clearly seen here, I think they’re really cute. I prepared both lunch and dinner today, guess which is the meal he ate most? It’s dinner … that will be another post!


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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6 Responses to Homemade Pizza

  1. Hi Elyn, this dough is very easy to work with right?! It’s a breeze compared to those sticky & wet doughs that we love to bake, lolz!
    I usually knead the dough standing…and I will use my body force to push the dough away from me. and I love to lift it up and slap and bang it hard onto the table. After the kneading session, my table usually moved a foot away from the original position, hahaha!
    May I ask how’s the texture of the animal-shaped pasta? I wanted to get a pack, but I’m worried that the texture may not be good, do they taste like macaroni? These pasta can also be used for art & craft! paint them with water colour and use it as a stamp, or u can stick them onto coloured papers to make into cards 🙂

  2. octopusmum says:

    Hi Elyn

    really enjoy your blog, all the photos look like they are from some recipe books!
    may i know where to get the animal pasta? my kids will definitely be thrilled to see these cute little things on their plates.
    and your nephew is really lucky to have an aunt who enjoys cooking for him!

  3. Elyn says:

    Hi SH, yes … indeed it’s very easy to work with. I also stand when I hand knead but probably the table is not the right height. Hehehe .. same here, I also like to lift and slam onto the table, a very good way to distress! Surprisingly the texture of the animal shaped pasta is pretty good and yes they taste like macaroni 🙂 Wat a good idea to paint them and use it as a stamp!

    Hi Octopusmum, thanks a lot for your kind words, they’re encouraging 🙂 I bought the animal pasta from Cold Storage, place together with the spaghetti. The packaging label is in red color. I’m just happy to see the little boy eating more and enjoying the food.

  4. octopusmum says:

    HI Elyn

    thks, will go look for it at Cold Storage!


  5. Hi Elyn, before waiting for your reply, I bought the animal shaped pasta when I saw it at cold storage on Sunday! Thanks for telling me that they taste good! Will cook these cute pasta soon 🙂

  6. didally says:

    I’ve been thinking about making my own pizza base for the longest time. For now I am still getting frozen pizza crust, topped with my own toppings. Still quite satisfying. But making my own pizza base is still in my to-make list. 😛

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