Silicone Moulds

That’s what I end up with after a trip to Food & Hotel Asia 2008! Many thanks to Gina for the tixs 🙂 It’s indeed an eye opener to see all the big equipment used in the food industry, right from the walk-in oven, dish washer, automated wok and giant cake mixers! We were all secretly wishing that we will have the opportunity to order this one day 🙂

I love using silicone moulds and already own a few pieces. While in the midst of ordering some from overseas, I added these to my collection. At almost 30% off, they’re just too good to be miss, all the designs look so enticing and I could imagine how the little cakes will look like when they’re baked. Moreover I’ve always like to bake in small portions 🙂 But I’m very certain that I will only get 4 and no more than that otherwise I could easily add 10 designs to my cart! Thou I have little angels around me telling me to “buy more, buy more”! heheheh However I just dun understand why must they all come in this ugly maroon color? Can’t they be in pretty pink, relaxing blue, bright yellow or even not-my-favourite green?


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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One Response to Silicone Moulds

  1. pixen says:

    dang… i missed the Food & Hotel Asia 2008! My sister send me the infos… :’-( I can’t make it on time back to Asia…

    Can you recommend which online company provide such gems?

    I agreed with your idea baking in small portions! Absolutely, less is more 😀 besides you finish them faster hence the cakes are fresh on supply always 🙂

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