Brownie Buttons


Tried something new this week – Brownie Buttons! As the name it is, it’s brownie based but bake in a little muffin tray and finally coat with white chocolate. I used Valrhona Equatoriale 55% which I worried initially if it will be too sweet especially after the coating of chocolate which surprisingly wasn’t. Not sure if it’s the brown sugar but it actually has those bitter-sweet chocolate taste which really compliment the coating chocolate well! And I thought it’s worth the effort to grate some orange zest in too, it bring the overall taste of the chocolate to a next level.


The little brownie button rise pretty well with a rounded top which I thought look better than a flat one. I was trying to melt some white chocolate converture for coating at first but somehow they just don’t get melted, it turn into a paste kind despite after 2 attempts moreover it doesn’t smell good as well, it has a really milky taste! So I turn to the reliable coating chocolate and get it all done within mins!


I’ve been seeing cakepops around the web but never got down doing it, the to-do list just get longer and longer. But this brownie button work as well too! They certainly look great and fun for a party, it’s easy to do and it taste great as a little dessert after a meal.

Makes 16
1/2 Orange Zest
1 tsp sugar
1/4 cup + 2 tbsp plain flour
Pinch of Salt
56g butter
58g brown sugar
70g Chocolate
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 egg

Method :
1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. If you’re using orange zest, combine the zest and sugar in a small bowl, rubbing them between your fingertips to blend; set aside. Whisk together the flour & salt.
2. Melt butter, chocolate, and brown sugar in a meduim heavy-bottomed saucepan over very low hear, stirring frequently with a heatproof spatula and keeping an eye on the pan so nothing overheats or burns. When the mixture is smooth, remove from heat and cool for a minute or two.
3. Sir the vanilla, egg, and the zest, if you’re using it, into the chocolate mixture. When the mixture is well blended, add the flour and stir only until it is incorporated. You should have a smooth, glossy batter.
4. Spoon the batter into 16 buttered mini muffin cups, using about a teaspoon of batter to fill each cup three-quarters full.
5. Bake for 14-16 minutes or until the top spring back when touched. Cool for 3 minutes and then transfer out of the pan to a wire rack to cool fully.
Optional Glaze
1. Melt chocolate in a small heatproof bowl over a saucepan of water. Stir constantly and don’t leave chocolate unatended as white chocolate scorches very easily.
2. One by one, dip the tops of the buttons into the chocolate, twirling the buttons so that you get a little swirl at the centrer of each one and excess choc. drips backintot eh bowl. Refridgerate for 15 minutes to set the glaze.
Recipe adapted from Doris Greenspan – From my home to yours

About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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8 Responses to Brownie Buttons

  1. These are so pretty! I love the little heart toppings!

    My white chocolate tends to seize when i melt it too. Did you do it in the microwave? I find it melts fine over the stove as i have better control over the heat and the whole process.

  2. ida says:

    cute as buttons! 😛

    seriously, it looks really cool.:)

  3. Elyn says:

    Hi Laureen, thanks! I’ve tried both ways – microwave and over the stove, same problem! So I think it’s the problem with the chocolate 😦 I was told that this will work but … it just din turn out.

    Hi Ida, thanks! When do I get to see your brownie buttons?

  4. mas says:

    Hi, the brownie looked cute & adorable esp with the lovely heart-shaped buttons 🙂

    Can I clarify, what do u mean by putting “Put 1 tsp of water in each empty cup”?

    Do I use abt a teaspoon of batter to fill each cup three-quarters full… and when do I put the water?


  5. Elyn says:

    Hi Mas, that’s from the original recipe but I ignore that. You could fill the batter as per normal.

  6. ovenhaven says:

    I must say that your version of the brownie buttons actually look better than the ones in the book! Love the little hearts 🙂

  7. Cookie says:

    Hi Elyn

    Were you using the varlhona ivory white feve. I had the same problem with these white choc too -it was paste-y after repeating heating.

    I thought I did something wrong until I read your post.


  8. Elyn says:

    Hi Cookie, nope .. it wasn’t Varlhona. I bought it from Phoon Huat.

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