Pineapple Tarts Galore


The Lunar New Year is the most important festive season to the Chinese, signifying the start of a new year. Families are seen busy weeks before the first day, spring cleaning their house, sweeping away the bad luck of the preceding year and makes their homes ready for good luck. In the olden days, familes would gather together to prepare cookies etc for visitors instead of buying them off shelves. You would be able smell the fragrant of love letters from the corridor, using the good old charcoal stove. I fondly remember the adults in our family would prepare cookies till wee hours of the night and we kids will always find the opportunity to “help” and stay late with “official” permission.


Personally, I felt the chinese new year is not complete without Pineapple Tarts which also mean “旺来”, good luck to come! They are bited size butter pastries filled with pineapple jam and there are generally 2 types of pastries, one which is the crisper texture and the other melt in the mouth. There have since been several designs of these tart – open tart, shaped like a tangerine, nastar which the pastry is rolled to enclose the pineapple jam and some with snip cut to shape like a rose, pineapple shape.


I’ve  been making open tart with a crisper texture all the while but this year I’ve start making melt in the mouth pastry and grew to love it, most importantly so does the family! The buttery fragrant of the pastry compliment the slightly sour jam with the chewy fibre. Do not underestimate the little clove on top of the pastry, the  aromatic smell filled the house during baking and enhance the overall pastry. This melt in the mouth dough is very soft and good for wrapping the filling, I think they look super cute!


The good old tradition open tart. I used to get very fustrated using the plastic mould to cut-out these cookies cos the imprint wasn’t clear till I get the copper mould. It’s really a breeze to do cut out the dough and much faster as well, the only complaint I have for this mould is it’s heavy at 180g. This recipe is the more crisper type which suit these kind of design.


 The nastar design, I love the pattern! Dough has to be melt in the mouth type in order to pipe out.



About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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21 Responses to Pineapple Tarts Galore

  1. Me says:

    My dear friend,
    Your goodies look so yummy!
    Wish I am in SG so I can put in a big order :):)

    Happy baking

  2. delia says:

    your pineapple tarts look nice. I like the ones with the star on top. I did mine already but my star is not very nice.

  3. Elyn says:

    Hi Me! Thanks for your kind words, I’m sure you could do it better than me 🙂

    Hi Delia, thanks! How come the star didn’t turn out nice, is it that you roll it too thick?

  4. Ellena says:

    Wow….. Elyn all your pineapple tarts look great!!!! Better than those bakery shops…. :p

  5. ida says:

    i wan! i wan! all look so lovely. love the innards shot…

  6. delia says:

    yeah, maybe i roll it too thick. Anyway, Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you and your family. May the new year brings you health and prosperity.

  7. Fen says:

    Wow, that is a nice coverage of pineapple tarts… Hopefully, the amount of pineapple tarts you have will bring you a lucky and prosperous new year

  8. Elyn says:

    Hi Fen, thanks for dropping by. Happy New Year to you and your family too!

  9. Oh wow, your pineapple tarts look soooooo good!

  10. Elyn says:

    Hi! Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  11. ChuSin says:

    Hiyeee, your tarts look sooo yummy!! Oh btw, how do you cut out the little star shape on top of the tart?? Did u use a cookie cutter or something? =))

  12. Elyn says:

    Hi ChuSin, I got the small cutter from Phoon Huat. You have to check with the counter cos they don’t display out.

  13. ChuSin says:

    HellOOOOO!! Thanks for the reply, yeahh, no wonder I dont see it even after touring the whole shop. Is there any name for the cutter? Or do I just say tiny star shaped cutter? TIA!
    Oh btw, I LOVE your photographs! *DROOLsssss =))

  14. Elyn says:

    Hi Chusin, I think you could just tell them mini cutters!

  15. Irene Low says:

    What is the tiny clove? Is it the one used in chinese cooking?
    I have seen such tiny ones before…could you tell me where you got it?

    Wow …many ideas from your bakes…

    For the different shapes etc…are you using the same dough or do you have to adjust it to suit the mould?

    The copper mould looks tempting. I am using a metal and plastic.


  16. Elyn says:

    Hi Irene, the cloves is also known as ding xiang, available from the wet market or supermarket. Different tarts will have their own set of recipes.

  17. Irene Low says:

    oh..didnt know wet market sells that tiny ones (cute too)…will the smell over the butter or pineapple taste? So put the clove on top and send for baking?

    Do you glaze the tarts with egg wash in the midst of baking or once you put the entire tray in the oven?

    I have a fren who told me hotel chefs do it in the midst of baking ie remove the tray after dunno how many minutes, glaze then continue baking.
    She said veri stressful….

    ha ha…

  18. Jo says:

    Your cookies look really good. Do you conduct workshops?

  19. yeong yasmin says:

    Hi Es joie,
    Your tarts look so beautiful and “professional”. One question though, when you remove the tarts from the oven, were they kind of crispy a little ? Cos mine were and after keeping a few days they kind of less crispy and a little softened. Was yours like that ?

    Hope u can give me an answer as for the past few days I have been crazy baking n trying different recipes. Hope you can help.

    Happy new year and happy baking too!!

    yasmin yeong

  20. ahbeeme says:

    Hi, your blog is so interesting…. i love it….

  21. ahbeeme says:

    the tarts looks great… and yummy…. i will follow you…

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