Homemade Silky Egg Tofu


Thank you very much to Elin for sharing this lovely Homemade Silky Egg Tofu. I felt so handicap when it comes to cooking! Seeing that the recipe need unsweetened soy milk, I went to supermarket and look for it, I couldn’t find any and bought a small carton of reduced sugar soya milk instead. I only realise in the morning that this is so easily available in the neighbourhood market, fresh and unsweetened.

I made several mistakes throughout, I use a round tin instead of a square one which makes cutting it untidy. I don’t know if the clingwrap I’m using is steam-safe so I didn’t line it which make removing the tofu a little inconvenient. I was too greedy to add too many diced mushroom and crabmeat into the toufu which sank to the bottom of the tin and also making cutting it difficult. Must also remember to steam over medium heat and not high heat! Despite all these, the tofu is extremely silky smooth and taste very very good, it doesn’t have the “dry” taste that we normally have when we use store-bought toufu! It’s not difficult to prepare, I’m going to add this to my regular cooking list. I half the recipe to call for 250ml milk which I thought it’s just nice for small family. I coat it with plain flour and pan fried.

Homemade Silky Egg Tofu
250 ml fresh unsweetened soy milk
3 Grade A eggs – light beaten
1/4 tsp chicken stock powder
1/4 tsp salt
1. Line a rectangular stell tray with cling wrap. Pour soy milk into a large bowl, add eggs , chicken stock powder and salt. Mix well with a fork and strain into the steel tray to come up the sides about 3 cm.
2. Cover the tray with cling wrap to prevent water droplets dripping on to the tofu while steaming
3. Steam over medium heat for 12 minutes. Leave to cool, then slice the tofu into pieces. The tofu can be kept in the fridge covered , for 2 days.

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The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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19 Responses to Homemade Silky Egg Tofu

  1. This looks so good! I love tofu- thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. octopusmum says:

    Hi Elyn

    This recipe looks simple and the tofu looks very yummy…but the only problem is, i don’t have chicken stock powder. do u think i can omit this or replace it with sth else?


  3. Irene says:

    Hi Elyn,

    Thanks for sharing this recipe….
    Wow..look simple wondar can i do it.
    Will go sourcing for the soya milk tml..btw do you have a pics on how the soya milk packaging look like?

  4. Elyn says:

    Hi Laureen, all thanks to Elin for sharing the recipe! It’s indeed very yummy and very soft, do give it a try!

    Hi octopusmum, the chicken stock is just for flavouring, you could omit this. You can pan fried, make a tomato sauce and pour over it, I’m sure kids will love it too.

    Hi Irene, I bought the soy milk from the hawker centre, those stall selling soya milk, just ask for the non-sugar ones.

  5. Sherie says:

    Hey Elyn,

    it has been quite sometime.

    thank u so much for the recipe, now i’m tempted to try it too!

    btw, i did try to leave you comments previously but failed. hopefully this one goes thru!

    i’m blogging again too.. quite sometime already. hop over if u’re free. same ol same ol. junk blog ;P

  6. katherine says:

    hey elyn! the tofu sure look delicious! was wondering if i can just use normal milk? my mom can’t take bean products and i wanna make something new for dinner =D

  7. Elyn says:

    Hi Sherie! Oh … I didn’t rec your previous comment, sorry about that. I’ve always enjoy reading your blog, it’s on my RSS feed so I get to read them once it’s updated! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  8. Elyn says:

    Hi Katherine, sorry I’m not sure if milk will work cos I’ve not tried it. You may want to give it a try?

  9. octopusmum says:

    HI Elyn

    thks v much for your reply! can’t wait to try it!


  10. octopusmum says:

    HI Elyn

    sorry…one more dumb question…can see i am more hopeless than u on cooking…when we coat the tofu with flour for frying, do we need to coat it with beaten egg first? thks
    one more thing, i went to NTUC yesterday and saw they have unsweetened soya milk. there are two brands, Nutrisoy and Sobe and Sobe currently has a promotion. this is for those who find it more convenient to get the milk from supermarkets….

  11. Elyn says:

    Hi Octopusmum, no worries – we will learn from one another 🙂 No … I dun coat with beaten egg, just plain flour and pan fried. Thanks! I remthere is those carton one too but could not find it in my neighbourhood.

  12. skinnymum says:

    Your tofu looks delish. Would like to try it out tomorrow (very excited). One silly question, when you cover the cling wrap before steaming, does the cling wrap touches the soya/egg mixture?

  13. Elyn says:

    Hi! no worries about wat silly question. I actually din cling wrap the tofu as I didn’t have the appropriate material. I believe you could cover the top with the sides tuck underneath the tin.

  14. Liên says:

    Yummy I will try this recipe. Thank you very much.

    I made tofu for me last lunar month because I ate no meat and prayed to Budda. I cooked soy milk as well but never know any receipe as easy as this one before.


  15. June says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing the recipe. Have tried it and it turned out great.:) Wanted to ask if you have tried cooking the egg tofu other than deep-frying it. Thanks!

  16. Liên says:

    Elyn, thanks for sharing the recipe and I made tofu curry tonight.

  17. Elyn says:

    Hi Lien! Curry tofu sound good! I will give it a try too 🙂

  18. Ron says:

    Hi, thanks for the recipe. I just made this, it’s sitting in the fridge getting nice and mellow. Have a big Japanese themed dinner party tomorrow and I’m doing all the cooking. This will hopefully be a HUGE hit.

  19. Recipe man says:

    i love to add tofu instead of meat in many a curry.
    this looks like another good alternative – thanks

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