While ice-cream have been on my to-do list for the longest time but I never thought I could really make them without the ice-cream maker. I caught a really good bargain on a new ice-cream maker recently but decided to give it a miss, there are just too many kitchen utensils, the blender/chopper, rice cooker, sandwich maker, toaster, oven, kitchen aid mixer, breadmaker, kettle, waffle-maker and most importantly I do not have the freezer space to freeze the container! A recent post by Smallsmallbaker on her cookies and cream ice-cream really give me the encouragement to do my own! It wasn’t plan, it was like looking around what to do and with all the ingredients on hand, I thought I could give it a try. It was messy initially, I kept transfer from this pot to that pot but when everything is done, I ask myself “this is ice-cream?!” It does look like 😛


I didn’t double-boil the custard, somehow they never seem to thicken probably because instead of diary whipping cream, I substitute with milk. Cookies and cream ice-cream is not in my choice when I visit the ice-cream palour as I shun away from the heavy cream taste. I replaced it completely with milk and kept it overnight in the fridge to set. Verdict? Good! The family thought it’s good enough and no additional preservatives (except from the whipping cream) is added. Little nephew is asking for chocolate next and I’m looking forward to my favourite Rum and Raisin thou!

Ingredient A :
4 egg yolks
25g sugar
7 pcs of Oreo biscuit filling

Ingredient B :
200g diary whipping cream (I substitute this with 150g milk)

Ingredient C :
250g non-diary whipping cream
1/2 tsp vanilla essence (I used vanilla bean paste)
Some crushed Oreo biscuit

 Method :
1. Beat ingredient a until well mixed and slightly pale.
2. Bring B to boil at low fire.
3. Remove from heat, add in a and mix well.
4. Cook ingredient a and b mixture under low fire, stirring throughout until slightly thicken and leave to cool.
5. Whisk non-diary whipping cream until stiff.  Add in a and b mixture, vanilla essence and some crushed oreo biscuit and stir well.
6. Pour mixture into container and sprinkle with Oreo biscuit and freeze until set.

Recipe adapted from 冷冻甜品


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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6 Responses to Ice-cream!

  1. Hi Elyn, you did great! It looks so delicious! I’m sure you will be eager to try out more ice cream in future. I’m looking forward to see more from you.

    Hey, you can try the toblerone ice cream for your nephew. I made a few times already and it’s very yummy! 🙂

  2. Jocelyn says:


    Where to you get your non diary whip cream?

  3. Elyn says:

    Hi smallsmallbaker, all thanks to your encouragement! I will give the toblerone ice-cream a try this weekend!

    Hi Jocelyn, I’m using Vivo which can be purchase from Creative Culinarie or you could purchase the Redman brand from PH (it’s the one with a cake in front).

  4. Looks yummy! I’m not a fan of cookies n cream but I shared this recipe with my gf and she just msn me to say her family likes it 🙂

  5. Jme says:

    Sorry… I mean if I “couldn’t get”…

    Type too fast… Paiseh…

  6. Jme says:

    Hi Elyn,

    May I know, if I could get non-dairy whipping cream, can I subsitute with heavy cream? It is because, I still couldn’t find any non-dairy whipping cream in Australia.

    Thanks for your help.


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