Sandwich Cutter

Sandwich Cutter 01

I ordered this sandwich cutter with someone in mind! My little nephew – I probably should stop calling him little, he is going to Primary 1 next year!

Sandwich Cutter 02

The little boy was very excited when I show him an illustration how this work. All I had in mind is I don’t have to clean up when he eat bread with fillings but guess what he said? He said “Good! I don’t have to eat the sides of the bread!”.

Sandwich Cutter 03

The cutter fit our bread quite nicely, I was afraid I had to eat the leftover! The waste was very minimal, trimming only a little of the sides.

Sandwich Cutter 04

The sides are now all sealed. If you’re wondering, the filling is a little margarine spread over, sprinkled with pork floss, I love this combination. The margarine is a little salty and the pork floss is sweet, compliment each other so well! And the boy have had so much fun making his own bread nowadays, he has learnt to ask for this combination ever since he tried this. What could be better than he is all smiles when enjoying the bread?

This is still available for order if you’re interested.


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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One Response to Sandwich Cutter

  1. aida rosli says:

    got it from Elyn…true, unlike other sandwich cutter, the measurement is fantastic, trimming off very little, so u get the soft part and ONLY the sides are cut-off…my girl was so fascinated, she now trims it herself…yay!..thnk u Elyn.

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