Crystal Jade Lotus Paste Agar Agar Mooncakes


This is actually my 3rd set of Agar Agar mooncakes. The earlier ones do look like agar agar mooncakes BUT there are just too much coconut inside that it’s too “scary” for consumption, at least for me. The coconut, a can of cream style corn, a can of kennel corn and the packets of agar agar powder that were all gone to waste! I hate to waste food like that. I was determine to get it right so flipping through the mooncake recipes book became a nightly routine BUT the many many steps really set me back! Yet I wasn’t ready to give up like that. I want to use that cute little agar agar egg yolk mould and the new agar agar moulds I got this year!


I finally caught Happy Flour’s Crystal Jade Lotus Paste Mooncakes! Hers look really good and I do have all the ingredients in hand and is happy to see only 50g of coconut milk inside but but but there is 100g of lotus paste inside the filling? Probably to give the so call filling the lotus paste taste?! The lazy me still give the the green strips jelly a miss! And with the replacement of a new fridge, I’m so glad I do not have to think about the fridge space, it used to be a nightmare managing the space especially period like this where I have kgs of lotus paste and the need to keep boxes of orders till customers collect.


Look how good the agar agar egg yolk look like! I didn’t have orange coloring so I use my Wilton Orange color! I felt the texture is not firm enough, personally I prefer firmer texture and it’s not sweet enough.

These are the ones without the lotus paste filling. Well, the additional of lotus paste to the agar agar filling gives the agar agar the lotus paste fragrance and a slightly coarse texture. Personally I find the proportion of lotus paste is a little too much so the texture is too thick and the “filling” is slightly soft so the next time I will decrease the lotus paste filling and cut down another 40g of water cos I’ve more than enough to fill the egg yolk mould.


The smaller ones without the filling, only the yolk. It does require a lot of patience to do jelly mooncakes, you need to wait to let it set part by part, not like snowskin mooncakes that you see the final product soon.


I didn’t have those round aluminium cups so use a muffin tray to do the filling and a cutter (yup, the usual pineapple tart cutter) to cut out, the balance are not wasted, just use a small fire to keep stiring and you could use it again!

This recipe will give you 8 large mooncakes and 7 mini mooncakes. I’ve slightly tweak the proportion.

Egg yolk

150g water
60g sugar
1tsp agar-agar powder
1tbsp fresh milk/evaporated milk
few drops of orange food colouring

200g water
40g sugar
1 1/4tsp agar-agar powder
60g lotus paste
50g coconut milk

800g water
130g sugar
4tsp agar-agar powder
Few drops of Pandan Paste

Egg yolk:
1. Boil water, sugar and agar-agar powder together until sugar and agar-agar powder dissolved.
2. Remove from fire and stir in the milk and colouring.
3. Pour into the ice-cube mould and leave it to set.

1. Boil water, sugar and agar-agar powder together until sugar and agar-agar powder dissolved.
2. Remove from fire and stir in the coconut milk and lotus paste until well combined.
3. Return to fire and bring to a boil.
4. Pour mixture into mould and place an egg yolk into the agar-agar.
5. Leave it to set.
6. Remove agar-agar from mould, use a fork and scratch on it surface. (This allow the filling to stick onto the pastry.)

1. Boil water, pandan leaves, sugar and agar-agar powder together until sugar and agar-agar powder dissolved.
2. Remove from fire.

To assemble filling and egg yolk :
1. Fill muffin tin with filling portion and put an egg yolk in the middle, leave it it to set in the fridge
2. Fill 1/4 of mooncake mould with skin filling.
3. Let it half set then place the filling + egg yolk in.
4. Fill up the mould with the skin mixture.
5. Leave it to set and chill in the fridge.
6. To loosen, use a toothpick to slide in from the side of the agar agar and push down the agar agar, allowing air to seep in. Remove from mould.


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The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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7 Responses to Crystal Jade Lotus Paste Agar Agar Mooncakes

  1. ida says:

    I wanna make these too!

  2. Ellena says:

    Wow….these realli look delicious leh… is it difficult to make? I had see the steps i *faint*… :p

  3. You Fei says:

    I’ve been wanting to attempt jelly mooncakes for the longest time ever! haha..I’ve taken out all the moulds and agar agar powder, but to find myself keeping them again after reading through the recipe. =XX

  4. sishu007 says:

    hi , juz 1 2 check which size of the mould u r using for 8 large & 7 minimooncakes?the mold need to buy specially for mooncake one rite cos i can c all the beautiful shapes on top of e jelly mooncakes

  5. Aida says:

    clap! clap! 🙂

  6. Taylor says:

    Where did you get your egg yolk mold?

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