Wilton Course Decorating 1 – Lesson 2

So in this 2nd lesson, I went to the class hands-full! Carrying a 8″ buttercake, tubs of buttercream, piping tips and all the necessary cake decorating tools.

You will learn about Star Tip Decorating, Curving line, Tight Zigzag, writing and also begin on piping rose. It’s normal that the rose look like cabbage instead 😛

After all the practising on the practise board, it’s time to work on the famous Wilton Rainbow Cake! We’re showed how to do pattern transfer onto the cake, and also using what we have learnt earlier on the cake.

I seriously believe the amount of buttercream I’ve prepared for the lesson has supersede what I’ve done since I start baking! By the end of the whole course, I’ve used a good 0.75kg of shortening, not forgetting I’ve substitute half of the shortening amount with butter!

The scary part is about washing up the tips, they are so greasy! The trick to wash them is to  add detergent to the bowl (with tips) and pour in hot water to soak for 10 mins. Do wipe away the buttercream as much as you can with kitchen towel before soaking.


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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1 Response to Wilton Course Decorating 1 – Lesson 2

  1. pauline chan says:

    wow… i know… i went through the same like you… aiyo alot to bring and prepare… if working full-time… its abit stressful too…

    if you wanna take wilton 2… try Phoon Huat… they provide all icing and cake… basically just have to bring deocrating kit…

    pardon me if I’m wrong…I tried and I felt its worth the money to attend there.

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