Valerie Kong’s Pau Making Class

What’s your favourite pau? Nephew loves Char Siew Pau, he will ask for Char Siew Pau when he used to attend extra lessons. I always have Pau for breakfast ~ easy and quick to eat! But it’s not easy to find good pau nowadays, even those famous one has a “commercial scent”, it’s a kinda chemical that they added?  I remember one of the attendees (when I last attend Valerie’s lesson) mention that Valerie’s paus are good so I took the opportunity to attend one of her lessons. And absolutely no regrets! The scent and taste of homemade paus is so satisfying!

That is Valerie preparing the dough! The dough is super easy to prepare and could be hand kneaded! And it does not need that much time, we made 100 paus within 3 hrs ~ with the many pair of hands! I’ve been happy with her lessons so far, the recipes are no frills and reliable. You could see those attending the class helping her to wash up, clean up the table which makes the whole lesson so homely! Thou you still do see amusing happening which I shall not elaborate here!

Vegetables Pau after steaming.

Spot the twin paus? I think we all did a good job in pleating the paus considering it’s the first time we do it! The pau skin is soft (which is very important) and has a fine texture, the skin isnt exactly chewy type and most importantly it does not smell/taste yeasty?

Chicken Pau after steaming. Some of the skins are too thin so you see the liquid from the meat leak out.

My family have all given thumbs up for the pau skin and now I’m so looking forward to make my own Char Siew Pau!


Valerie have another pau lesson next month for those who are interested!
May 15th, Sat, 2-5pm @ Civil Service Club (Tessensohn Rd)
Tel: 63915641 or email
Please call or email them for more info.

*This is not a paid advertising. This review is solely done as I find her lessons are genuine and value for money*

About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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2 Responses to Valerie Kong’s Pau Making Class

  1. Hi Elyn,

    I was there and enjoy the class too.

  2. Sara says:

    Hi , I like to contact Valerie Kong for her classes. Can you give me her contact.

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