This is probably one of the very few entries without pictures.

I could not remember when did I “close” my blog but it’s been a while. There wasn’t any plan to start with, it was a moment of decision – just like how it’s now being public. As I’ve explained to 3 close friends, I knew what is my priority then and instead of over-stretching myself again, I need to make a decision. I love my blog, it’s a memory lane for myself, refreshing it every time I browse through what I bake. Web surfing became a luxury for the past weeks. Heartfelt thanks to “you” for asking if I feel better after a few days I told you.

In fact I have just survive my longest work days without sleep – 36 hours of straight work, completing a big project. It’s meetings after meetings, discussions after discussions and endless work emails to reply. Thou the busy period will probably extend till Dec and there are many more to come but I want to believe that it will not be that intensive. Past weekends are spent resting well to get ready the work week and it doesn’t help that physically I wasn’t feeling good too. I’m so disappointed that my mooncakes making plan failed terribly with lotus paste in the fridge. I make very minimal mooncakes this year and memories of me taking taking order, doing hundreds of them is just so fresh. Big thanks to Ida who sent me 4 very lovely walnut mooncakes, it’s really good! So good that I took 1 immediately I got home despite sleep is all in my mind at that point.

Many thanks for the emails I’ve receive – I didn’t expect it, really. I really appreciate those who ask how I am and if everything is alright. I’m going to take a while to update post or perhaps will just be pictures or to reply emails. In the meantime, I wish everyone happy baking!

Just like last year, I’m hoping to do my little part for the ASD 2011 Calendar. It’s at S$10 each and for those who do not have time to go down personally and get your copy, I will be providing free normal postage. Email your orders to me at

About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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10 Responses to Thoughts

  1. Hi Elyn, I did notice that you had closed your blog. So sorry that I did not email you to ask if you are fine. I thought it was just temporary and you will be back soon. I know how tired and stressful it can be. Do give yourself a break when possible and take good care of yourself ok. 🙂

  2. yan says:

    i am too drained too to even make any moonies this year… very sad….

    work life balance ???? thats too far a benchmark for me too….

    nevertheless, ladies, heads up, lets do our best and reap returns of our needs…

    we must remember to make time for our passion.. baking + cooking when time allows ya…. nothing beats homebaked or homecooked…

    jia you !!!!!

  3. Hi Elyn. I can completely empathize with how you’re feeling and the seemingly never ending hours at work.

    Take care and I hope the weeks get easier for you as they go!

  4. Jess @ Bakericious says:

    Hi Elyn, while I am still struggling should I email to check with you on your closed blog, you are back, so happy to have you back again. Do take care and rest well.

  5. Li Ying says:

    Hi Elyn, take care of yourself. A short break is for you to walk a longer distance.

  6. Edith says:

    Hang on there. Take a step back for a coffee break. Work is always there, but health might not. Take care.

  7. delia says:

    Hi Elyn,
    Hope you don’t over stress yourself out. Even 5 minutes of rest will do you some good. I’ve also make very little moonies this year due to work load. Not enough time. Take care.

  8. xan says:

    Hi Elyn

    hang in there…. before long u’ll be baking again 🙂
    i was planning to make some mooncakes for own consumption this year but after attending the agar-agar mooncake class, i fractured my foot & didnt get to do anything at all. i missed going out to see all those lovely moonies on sale too 😦


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