Cupcake Pops

I finally have the chance to try making some cupcake pops! It’s a breeze to mould the cupcake shape using the mould.

The bottom layer is Tulip Brand Coating (Compound) Chocolate and the pink layer is Wilton Candy Melts. I will share some experience on making this cupcake pops.

About Candy Melts
I didn’t have good experience using the Candy Melt, it took some time to get it really melted. If you are using the Candy Melts, send it to the microwave for 1 min. Give it a good stir and place it inside the microwave again for every 30 secs. Once the candy melts turn soft, stir for a few seconds. You will realise thou it doesn’t look melted, the more you stir it will become more runny and the right consistency for coating the cupcake pop. Personally I didn’t like the taste of candy melt, it’s definitely sweet but there is quite a distinct taste of the melt. I will definitely use white compound chocolate next time.

Using paper sucker stick
Dip the sucker stick into the chocolate or candy melt before inserting into the cupcake pop. Once the chocolate/candy melt harden, it will help to secure better to the cupcake pop.

Coating the cupcake pop
Use a small and deep bowl to coat the cupcake pop so it can done at one go. Dip down to immerse the cupcake pop, lift up and leave to drip the excess chocolate. If you use coating chocolate, you will realise that it will very soon harden and gently leave the cupcake pop in a plastic egg tray so you could work on the rest. Do not attempt to press down the cupcake pop otherwise you will have a flatten top! The trick here is to have plenty of chocolate so you could coat it at a go.

And finally the taste of cupcake pop
I didn’t have Oreo Cookies on hand but some chocolate cake crumbs (left over from making cupcakes) and what a good way not to waste them! It taste like dense brownies! Do not worry about the coating chocolate, it’s a fairly thin layer, about 1mm thick. It’s definitely not difficult to do and I’m sure after a few rounds, it could have been better, I only have enough cake crumbs for 5 pops!

Ingredients (Make 5 cupcake pop)
100g chocolate cake crumbs
20g cream cheese

Method :
1.  Crush the chocolate cake into crumbs with fingertips.
2. Add in cream cheese and mix into the cake crumbs till thoroughly well mixed.
3. The consistency should be like a pliable dough but not too soft. (Add a little more cream cheese if your chocolate cake is on the dry side).
4. Weigh out each chocolate crumb ball to 1 inch or 30gm and roll round.
5. Refrigerate for around 10 mins.
6. Push the  chocolate cake balls into the mould and press on both sides. Remove the additional cake outside the mould.
7. Gently remove each cupcake from the mould from the top.
8. Refrigerate for another 10 mins.
9. Prepare the sucker stick by dipping one end into the chocolate or candy melt.
10. Insert the sucker stick into the cupcake pop and coat the cupcake pop with chocolate or candy melt.
11. Lift up and allow the excess to drip off.
12. Leave it inside clean plastic egg tray (upside down) while you work on the rest.
13. Once the bottom of the cupcake pop is coated, proceed to work on the top. Using the same theory, dip and drip the excess but this time you have to place it upright. Use a bowl filled with caster sugar or rice to let the cupcake pop stand or use a styrofoam if you have one.
14. Leave it inside the fridge till you’re ready to serve!


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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