Sugarcraft Board

Ever since I start doing sugarcraft work, I have been looking for the right board to use. I didn’t want to work on the table-top as fondant will easily pick up the tiniest things and it’s just right to use dedicated board for sugarcraft work, just like how all baking utensils are separate from those daily cooking use. I remember starting on silicone mat, while it suppose to be non-stick  but somehow it didn’t work too well on fondant, it got “suck” onto the mat and does require some effort to remove. Moreover  it does not give you the right amount of support to work on, imagine chopping on a thin chopping board compared to the trusty old wood chopping board.

I finally gotten this piece of Alegacy High Density Polyethylene Cutting Board a few months ago for my sugar paste class and absolutely love it. I could forsee that it will last me for years!  Initially I find it too big – 18″ x 24″ x 1/2″ thick but if you work on cakes, the size is just right to completely roll out enough fondant to cover a 12″ cake. And if you work on just cupcakes, there will be ample space for you to put all the cutouts and tools. My only complain is that it is quite heavy thou, I had a hard time bringing it home! The most wonderful thing is fondant doesn’t stick on the board at all or if it does, it’s just a little and really require minimal effort to lift up your fondant. In fact I used to find myself using a considerable amount of icing sugar/corn flour working on fondant but when I start using this board, I didn’t have to use any or if the fondant get a little sticky in our humid environment then it is really very little. If you look carefully, there is a little texture on the board surface but not to worry it does not get “imprint” on the fondant. In fact I like this board so much that I just place order for a smaller one 12″ X 18″. For your info, there are different colors for the board and is for different usage – Green for Fruits/Vegetables, Yellow for Poultry, Blue for Cooked Food, Red for Meat.

I order another sugarcaft dedicated non stick board from UK for sugar flowers work and would say it’s quite a different experience using it. For those who have watch UK sugarcraft video especially Patchwork Cutters that how the gumpaste or fondant stick on the board and not the cutter which personally I couldn’t achieve it. I always have the fondant sticking to the cutter and have a hard time removing it, destroying it at the same time. This board amazingly is how those professional pple describe – cut/imprint and lift up with the fondant sticking on the board. The surface of the board has this “sucking” effect on the fondant so after cutting and imprinting, you could easily remove the cutter with the fondant on the board. And with the glossy surface, you could easily remove the fondant with the mini palette knife but the surface scratches quite easily too. The manufacturer have considerably add in 4 stoppers at the base of the board so it does not move around.

I’m not a professional product reviewer and not paid to do it. Just sharing some baking tools/sugarcraft tools based on my usage experience and hopefully it’s informative to you!


About Elyn

The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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4 Responses to Sugarcraft Board

  1. Cuen says:

    Hi elyn, thanks for this great sharing. Will u be taking order for this?


  2. me too and let me know the price.

  3. shazz says:

    love your blog! could you email me on where you ordered the board from? thanks in advance! my email:

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