Air Fried Crabsticks

IMG_9152-BThis is such an addictive snack! Eating it is “fast”, Air Fried is also “easy”, the most time consuming part is shreding to thin strips! I have seen pple shredding them to 1cm strips but personally I shred them strip by strip, took me a good half day to shred 9 packets of crabsticks – well … some bonding time with TV drama!

I used Dodo brand crabsticks for the sweetness and get them from the wet market instead of supermarket (unless they are on special offer). I’ve been reading a lot on making this and a lot of them doesnt keep it crispness after the next day. I’ve also tried to sprinkle them with rice flour asI read that this will keep the crabstick crispness. But it can be a little messy with flour residue after the air fried and imagine the flour literally “flew” out from the air fryer vent!


The crabsticks are kept for almost a week and retain its crispness! I shall share how I do it :
1. Keep the crabsticks dry – they are usually rock hard frozen when you buy them back so thaw them in the fridge for one day. If the crabsticks are soft, I give them a good squeeze to remove the excess water. I then roll them out flat on a cooling rack so when I am done with the last strip, the first one should be dry or you could pat them dry using kitchen paper.
2. Shred them strip by strip and leave them on a cooling rack, in fact you will find them easier to shred if the crabsticks are dry. I shred 4 packets at a go so when I am midway done (with the fan blowing), they are dry.
3. I lightly use an oil spray when I put them in a air fryer basket. For the first 4 mins at 180 degrees, this is the drying process. They will tend to stick together so give them a good toss and separate them.
4. It will be another good 6-8 mins and they are ready!
5. I prefer to put them in a plastic bag before storing them into air tight container.

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The joy of baking is seeing how much people enjoy them. I would love to offer these "joy" to you so drop me a note and we can discuss!
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