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How to do Rose Pineapple Tarts

I promise to show which crimper I’m using to make the above tarts. I personally find the plastic one better than the metal ones as it’s not as stiff so it’s easier to control the pressure when you crimp on … Continue reading

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A little more on making Pineapple Tarts

While I can’t share the Pineapple Tarts recipe, I hope to share some experience on making them here : Butter – I personally prefer to use Lurpak Danish butter for the mellow fragrant and taste otherwise SCS is fine too. … Continue reading

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Piping Tips for cookie decorating

I’m no expert in cookie decorating but thought I could share what I have read up, trial and tested. Basically I used 3 tips for cookie decorating, being Wilton Tip 2 the most commonly used. Wilton Tip 1 – used for … Continue reading

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Melting Chocolate

Some general rules about melting chocolate : – Take your time. Dark chocolate can withstand high temperature than milk or white chocolate, but it’s always best to heat chocolate gently. – Chopping chocolate before melting means the heat will be … Continue reading

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Helpful video demonstration

Found some helpful videos on : Creative Cookie Icing Forming a Cookie Log Folding batter Separate Eggs Whipping Egg White Rolling Dough

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