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Delicious Asian Treats

I stumbled upon her blog when I was looking around for pineapple tarts recipe and was captivated by the details, the pictures. I was thinking she must have love pineapple tarts to dot to dedicate a blog to these little tarts. And … Continue reading

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Agar Agar Mooncakes – all ready …

Hm … newly added baking toys! You just can’t stop when you start buying and there is always something new that you like. Well, I went a long way to get these moulds, all gearing up ready to make Agar … Continue reading

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More books!

My mooncake and jelly book 🙂 Have been slowly building up my library, adding those than I like and deem it’s useful but most of the time I end up going back to the web to take trial and tested recipes. Must … Continue reading

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Baking Books

Aren’t they pretty? Feel like ordering a few of them from Taiwan and it will still be cheaper than I buy them in Singapore (if they have) after taking into consideration the shipping cost. I have read pretty good reviews … Continue reading

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Essentials of Baking – Finally!

Finally! My book is arriving in 5 to 8 days. There was a little hicup during the order process, was told the book isn’t available and ask me to claim the money back via paypal which I’m totally clueless how to … Continue reading

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Essentials of Baking

Just place an online order for this book, first time ordering from this merchant, hope the book will be delivered! I like William Sonoma’s book, very beautiful pictures and the pictorial guide is very helpful. I took a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Baking Books

It’s always inspiring and encouraging to read through baking books, I was about to fall asleep when I leisurely browse through and the next min, I’m wide awake as my mind is fill up with wat I want to bake, … Continue reading

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