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Mixed Fruits Cupcakes

I didn’t get to bake any Stollen or Log Cake this year but manage Rum Soaked Mixed Fruits Cupcakes. Advertisements

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Housewarming Cupcakes Order

This is another set of 24 cupcakes order I took back to back with the earlier one.  I didn’t have time to take a picture of the whole set cos I only do the photoshoot in the morning, minutes before … Continue reading

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Wedding Cake & Cupcakes Order

I’m very grateful for every order I received as it mean a level of trust that the customer have. I received a call from customer-turn-friend one afternoon and ask if I can do wedding cake! I want to be frank … Continue reading

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A little story to tell …

I really have fun planning for the Teachers Day order! Being a slow tortoise or should I say I prefer to be well prepared in advance rather than scramble in the end, I started like 2 weeks ago, getting the … Continue reading

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Strawberry Muffins

Punnets of Korea Strawberries are springing up everywhere! Not only they are more affordable, they are more fragrant and sweeter too! Despite I don’t have a liking for strawberries, I could not help add a punnet when I do the … Continue reading

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Mixed Fruits Cupcake

I guess I got bitten by a bug – lazy bug! I have been telling myself that I should bake something this weekend but having the whole week I just couldn’t decide what to bake and when I set to … Continue reading

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Lemon Tea Cakes

It’s not very often that I made the same recipe twice, there are just too many to try out. But this is one that I will not hesitate to do it again and again when I am not in the adventurous mood, want … Continue reading

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