Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


Wishing everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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Everyone’s favourite – Shanghai Mooncake


This is certainly my favourite! Thou I make a lot of snowskin but I do not fancy them, usually eat 1/4 just to taste. Have not fail to baked these every year and I finally added 1/2 an egg yolk inside – simply good!

Made another 2 variation – Pandan lotus paste with walnut, durian lotus paste with melon seed.

Recipe available here Walnut Mooncake

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When things get a little complicated …


When things get a little complicated…
Banana Snowskin with Latte Lotus Paste + Valrhona Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearls
wrap in Low Sugar White Lotus Paste + Melon Seeds

There are always new flavour lotus paste every year, chanced upon latte lotus paste this year. Comparing to White Coffee lotus paste which taste more milky, latte lotus paste has a more bitter coffee taste which I thought will compliment lotus paste well. Indeed, it strike a good balance!


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Durian Snowskin Mooncakes


Must have every year for Mum. Durian Snowskin with Durian Lotus Paste.

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Mid-Autumn Festival

IMG_9499-SNB FBIt’s the time of the year – Mid-Autumn Festival soon!
This year falls on 27 Sep, 2015 (Sunday).

Have got lesser time baking nowadays and neglect this little space. But I know I can’t miss this festival. And what is even more exciting that there are new moulds to play with this year!

IMG_9506-SNB FBThese are from the 3D mooncake moulds.
I love how deep the cuts are giving clear imprints.

IMG_9540-SNB FBAnd the oval ones too!
This is Banana Snowskin with Latte Lotus Paste wrap in White Lotus Paste.

Check out www.facebook.com/ShopnBake for orders and existing stock!

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Ready Stock – Fan Shaped Mooncake Moulds

A set of plunger + 5 different design plates for S$12.80 (inclusive of normal postage).
Drop us an email – shopbake@yahoo.com!





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Choux Puff with Custard Cream

Choux Puff With Custard Cream-1a

Choux Puff With Custard Cream-2

Choux Puff With Custard Cream-3

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