Salted Egg Yolk Cookies


Indeed it’s been a long while and so it’s time to kickstart 2015 with cookies baking! Before the “mass production” begin next week, this is a good time to try something new! Salted Egg Yolk cookies and you read it right, salted egg yolk are mashed and added to the dough.

The cookie is really crunchy and taste saltish with the Salted Egg Yolk but it’s not really that fragrant. So I won’t be sharing the recipe here, do a quick google and you will find the recipe.

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Just pictures : Honey Yuzu Chiffon Cupcake


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 It’s been a long long while … while it’s been quiet here, have been really really busy with work and of course getting enough rest.

Probably the first time after making mooncakes so many years that I finish all within a weekend, getting the ingredients just 3 days before the festival and missing the low sugar lotus paste. 


 Did Baked Mooncakes with Lotus Paste, Walnut Mooncakes with Lotus Paste, Walnut Mooncakes with Pandan Lotus Paste, Banana Snowskin with Lotus Paste, Durian Snowskin with Durian Lotus Paste and something new this year – Baked Chocolate with Lotus Paste.



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Just pictures : Mum’s wonton

IMG_1462-R IMG_1466-R

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Just pictures : Mini Fruit Cake

IMG_1473-RI love anything mini! Gotten some mini loaf tin during my recent travel and
here is the family’s favourite fruit cake.

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Food & Hotel Asia 2014

IMG_1435-RThe Food & Hotel Asia 2014 held two years once in Singapore is back at the Singapore Expo with a whopping of 10 halls! This is a trade show so only relevant trade could get a ticket pass otherwise it’s an S$80 admission ticket. Hall 1 start off with Bakery & Pastry and Hotel Asia, Hospitality Technology, Hospitality Style Asia, Specialty Coffee & Tea, Food Asia and lastl Wine & Spirits Asia.

IMG_1438-RLot of food samples so it’s literally sampling all the way through!

IMG_1439-RGiant ovens and mixers

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Craft – Crochet Card Case

IMG_9158-RA simple card case that was crochet without any drawing! Saw this lovely popcorn stitch and decided to crochet into a card case. The first one is in Pink and this is for a fren, love this red color too!

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