Chocolate Chip Biscuit

Chocolate Chip Biscuit-1Back to basic … somehow “complicating” cakes e.g. layered cakes with cream, fondant cakes are not the type of cakes that I will put on my family table. After meals of rich food, it will be comforting to be back to basic. I’ve always like Popeye’s biscuit – with some jam and a hot drink and I’m a happy person, I also remember how it’s a must-have food at the Hong Kong airport before flying back. Bought this book sometime back 司康&比司吉. I accumulate my books purchase like quarterly or half yearly and ship them via sea to get some savings and the joy of receiving so many books at a go is great!


There are about 34 types of biscuits recipe in the book, both savory and sweet. Chef 森岡 梨 (MORIOKA ARI) has a bakery shop in Tokyo by the name of A.R.I.

Chocolate Chip Biscuit-2


I love this recipe – simple and it’s something that you have in your pantry. The tip for scones or biscuit is not to overwork the dough, well … I’m so careful that I did not roll the dough round before putting them into the muffin tin 😛 The outside is slightly crisp and soft inside with the tiny bits of chocolate chip inside. Another tip is to use good butter! I used Elle and Vire butter in this case.

Chocolate Chip Biscuit-3


And the recipe to share!

Ingredients : Makes approximately 8
220g Top Flour
3 tsp baking powder
2 tsp caster sugar (originally 1 tsp caster sugar)
1 tsp salt
100g unsalted butter
80g milk
1 tsp vanilla bean paste (not in the original recipe)
1 cup of chocolate chips

Method :
1. Sift top flour, baking powder and salt together, I use a whisk to combine the ingredients.
2. Cut cold butter into cubes and rub into the flour mixture till it resembles bread crumbs.
3. Stir vanilla paste into milk and stir into butter/flour mixture, use a spoon to combine the mixture. The book interestingly give instruction to do this within 5 “strokes”.
4. Add in chocolate chips, not to worry everything is not evenly distributed now.
5. Using hand, I combine them into a dough. The book again say that this is done within 10 “strokes”!
6. Form little dough, brush with milk and baked them on a lined baking tray at 180 degrees for 18 mins.

I sprinkle some caster sugar after I brush the biscuit with milk.


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  1. Yanie says:

    Can vanilla essence substitute vanilla bean paste? If yes, same amount?

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