Baked Mooncakes

I have not done baked mooncakes for years. Aint too happy with the color, this year with more time to plan literally plan which day to bake which type, what paste to use, the amount of paste to use and who is it for. I used 2 types of paste this time, Salt & Sweet Lotus Paste and Honey Osmanthus Lotus Paste. The Salt & Sweet Lotus remind me largely of Tau Sah Piah while the Honey Osmanthus gives a light refreshing scent.

I like that the skin which is not too sweet hence the color isnt too dark (sugar syrup).

I was hesitating whether to attempt again but well, some recent departure (not related) led me to think when it is the next time. Humans are so prone to procrastination, thinking that there will always be opportunity but sometimes things are so unexpected that leave you no time for “next time”.


Recipe and Method from Kwang Cheong Thye
300g Hong Kong Flour
200g Mooncake Syrup
80g Peanut Oil
1/2 tsp Lye Water

1. In a plastic bag, measure mooncake Syrup, Oil and Lye Water. Twist tight the plastic bag and give it a good shake.
2. Measure in Hong Kong Flour and twist tight the plastic bag and give is another a good shake.
3. With one hand holding the twisted opening, use ur palm to combine the dough in the plastic bag till the dough leaves the plastic bag clean.
4. Leave the dough in room temperature aside for at least 2 hrs.
5. Measure the skin and dough to your mooncake mould size.
6. Bake at 200 degrees for 5 mins and bring out to rest for 5 mins before applying egg wash.
7. Egg Wash – 1 egg yolk + 1 tsp mooncake syrup and 1 tbsp water
8. After brushing egg wash, bake at 180 degrees for another 10-12 mins.
9. Skin will mature after 3 days of leaving in a container

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Snowskin Mooncakes

Yr 2020 has changed a lot of people’s lives, it has put a big test to us, drastically changed the way we live or to re-live, the way businesses are run.

It is an unfortunate pandemic, I’ve to say in a way I’m grateful, giving me the opportunity to spend limited time with my family, we’ve all learn to be more tolerant towards one another, the 2 months circuit breaker has all of us learning to live with one another 24 hours, planning shopping list so as to reduce going out and planning meals. I’ve cooked a lot more, attempted new dishes, baked again.

Daily routine from spending 2.5hrs on travel to now resting more, cooking more, feeding the family better and a more relaxed and calm oneself. No more “essential” communication, to now focus well, working more effectively, more thoughts on how to improve work quality.

Finally I have the time to start planning my mooncakes early this year, I have a whopping 7kg of different lotus paste this year so excel sheet drawn up, recipes re-look, counting the no of mooncakes I need is so much fun! Shopping for new paste, new moulds, new packaging and a brand new set of MyFlavors gel coloring is just so exciting! I started by baking Shanghai mooncakes, and now I have snowskin and baked too!

ShopnBake is re-load with lots of new tablewares, the full range of Chefmade quality baking tools, accessories etc. Do check out!

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Basque Burnt Cheesecake

The in-dessert now! Basque Burnt Cheesecake and it’s so easy to make, you just need to have 2 key ingredients – cream cheese and whipping cream.


Best served after an overnight chill in the fridge, it’s either you like or you dont like the burnt taste. Well, a good dessert for the occasional treat.


I checked a few recipes and most of them use either 200g or 220g  cream cheese so I modified slightly to use up all the 250g cream cheese I have.

250g cream cheese
3 eggs
20g Cake Flour
95g caster sugar
140g whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla bean paste

  1. Remember to bring out the cream cheese to soften it.
  2. Using a handheld mixer, soften the cream cheese with caster sugar.
  3. Add the beaten egg and mix well after each addition.
  4. Add in whipping cream followed by cake flour and vanilla bean paste
  5. Bake at 220 degrees for 30 mins and grill the top for 3-4 mins for the burnt effect.
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Need something really sweet .. ok, not that super sweet, it’s reasonably sweet! So it’s brownies!

It’s tough to get ingredients during this CB, flour is out, sugar is out. I make a trip to PH during on 1st May to get some ingredients and is lucky to get some, but no choice had to take double portion of all so I didnt have to make frequent trips. On another note, I’m happy to replenish ingredients as it mean I’ve been baking! almost 3 times a week to put food on the table for breakfast or tea time. Use some good old recipes and tried some new ones too!

Did a search for brownies and most needed brown sugar which I cant find AGAIN! So glad to find one using normal sugar. I had no Valrhona chocolate so I used Bakeway dark converture chocolate and the brownies turn out decent!

I also love the new pink ceramic dish that I’m bringing in lots of them now. Check out for pretty bakewares and kitchenwares!

Recipe adapted from

166g Dark Chocolate (I used converture)
66g butter
66g sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
40gm plain flour
66g chocolate chips
Handful of toasted almond nibs

1. Preheat oven to 140/160C
2. Place dark chocolate and butter into a mixing bowl over a pot of hot water.
3. Stir gently to melt the chocolate and butter.
4. Remove from the hot water pot and add in sugar and vanilla extract.
5. Add in eggs and mix well.
6. Sift in flour and mix well.
7. Put in 2/3 of chocolate chips and almond nibs and mix well. (I forgot and add in all!)
8. Bake for 25 mins or until skewer comes out clean.

– Rem to oil the baking tin.
– Overbaking will give you a more cakey brownie.

For now, the craving is fixed!


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Rock Buns


I hope everyone is safe and well. Within the short 2 weeks of circuit breaker in Singapore, we all begin with work from home and home based learning. We all begin learning to wear a mask once you step out of the house, sanitise your hand and at home, start cracking our head planning what to cook, what to eat. You no longer have the luxury to just pop by market or supermarket as and when you like to buy just one item. You are suppose to stay at home! The sad state is seeing empty shelves, not able to get the brand you usually used and while you attempt not going out, you cant get a delivery slot.

So much said, yesterday our PM just announced the circuit breaker extended so another 40 days to go. Bring out all your to~do recipes and bake! Take this opportunity to try new recipes and of coz bake for your family. Well, cakes are now not essential items so what could be better than baking it ourselves. It doesnt like a bad idea afterall!

Rock buns are not new! That’s a recipe in one of the Home Econs text book donkey years ago. I forgot how easy it is to make and how good they are till I saw someone baking it.

(makes approx 20 pieces)
200g plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
100g butter

100g sugar (*note)
100g raisins (*note)

(C) Mix together:
1 egg
3 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla essence (*note)

Method :
1) Sift flour and baking powder, add salt. Rub in butter till fine breadcrumbs.

2) Stir in (B), followed by (C). It should feel a little sticky, but not wet (like muffin).

3) Scoop a tbsp of batter and drop on lined baking pan. Bake in preheated oven 185C ~ 190C for about 15 to 20 mins (last 5 mins I increase temp to 200C for better browning)

Recipe courtesy of Fong Kitchen

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